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About Harpy: 


Harpy first came into existence in the early 1970's, comprised of five classically trained musicians from Long Island, NY.  In a decade boasting the talents of many distinguishable bands from the New York area, Harpy with their brash style, prodigious talent and unequaled musical talent stood out from the pack.


To their many fans, Harpy was not just a group of gifted muses, who just by happenstance, had fallen into the same symphonic cauldron - this was a true "musicians band"

Harpy continued with the same arena-rock sensibility, driven to recreating the bombastic and intricate flourishes of the most progressive bands of all time.  Their impressive arsenal hosts many of the greatest works of such bands as Yes, ELP, Peter Gabriel and the Beatles long before tribute bands came in fashion.  As many of the bands fans will attest, the band was a exciting, complex, but always satisfying.  A band that took unbridled pleasure in delivering each musical idea that they mimic or create to the apogee of the artistic accomplishment.

Gary Gerber, Errol Allaverdi, John DiGudio, Jim Martino and John Blanco, the original band, were musicians of the highest order. Whether the music was classically or Jazz influenced, they pioneered and infected every note of the rock they played with a musical perfectionism rarely seen or heard in their day and continued in later editions of the band as displayed below.


Harpy Karn Evil 9 Trailer

Harpy Karn Evil 9 Trailer

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in 2010 John Blanco ( formally Lead Vocal with "Spys", who released two excellent CD's on Atlantic Records), Vocals and Erroll Allaverdi (Keyboards and Vocals), have resurrected the passionate spirit of this great band adding to their ranks the guitar virtuosity of Michael Barberich ( Barnaby Bye, 45 RPM), multi-talented Michael Hack (guitar, keyboards & background vocals), the Bass brilliance of Larry Acunto and the prog-perfect drumming of Al Vetre. A band with a rich history, a band with new blood, a band who's legacy lives on.

in 2010 Harpy released it's first CD of original music on Dreamscape Records, blending both the bands writing and talents as musicians to produce a fantastic album of original progressive music recorded over the years.  If you love progressive rock, you will love Harpy.


Oiginal Harpy

Photo 1_edited.jpg

The Original Band No. 1

Photi 8_edited.jpg

Harpy in Concert


John Blanco & Gary Gerber

Photi 7_edited.jpg

John DiGudio, John Blanco, Erroll Allaverdi

Photi 3_edited.jpg

Harpy in Concert


John Blanco

Harpy Most Recent photos


Harpy in Concert


John Blanco & Michael Barberich

Harpy 14_edited.jpg

 Michael Barberich & Erroll Allaverdi

Harpy 12_edited_edited.jpg

Al Vetre & Michael Hack


John Blanco & Michael Barberich


Harpy in Concert

Harpy 15_edited.jpg

Michael Hack

Errol Allhverdi 2_edited.jpg

 Erroll Allaverdi


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