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Statement From The President of Dreamscape Records:


People often ask me where the name Dreamscape came from?   To explain this I would have to think back to that lucky evening in the early sixties when I was attending The School Of Visual Arts in N.Y. City.  A Professor, who was also an acquaintance named Burns Hogarth had told me a day or two earlier That the Famed Artist Salvador Dali would be guest lecturing in his anatomy class.  This was very exciting news as I had always admired the work of this esteemed artist and was very excited that I might even get a chance to meet him.


After Class Professor Hogarth told me that he was going out to dinner with senior Dali and wanted to know if I would be interested in joining them, of course, My answer was yes.  During dinner, I asked Senor Dali what he called his paintings?  I told him that I knew that his paintings were Serial-ism or abstract paintings and drawings, but I wanted to know what he called them?  Dali smiled and told me that he called them dreamscapes because they were “the mind’s eye view of the world”.  I thought that this was interesting and made sense and when I had to come up with a name for the record label I chose Dreamscape Records, with the tagline “Where Musical Dreams Become A Reality”.

Mission Statement

Why Dreamscape isn’t just another Record Company

Dreamscape was created for the purpose of providing artists with a label that is Progressive, Profitable and encourages the recording artist to stretch their, his or her talents to the Maximum.


Dreamscape Records understands that assisting artists in delivering their music to the world is a great responsibility.  The label encourages input from it’s artists, seeking their suggestions about packaging, permotion and information about their fans.  This strategy significantly contributes to the success of the artists release.


Dreamscape Records is aware that the full potential of an artist is not captured when artists are held within strict boundaries.  Instead the label supports the artist efforts to maximize their talent and expand their reach.  The label encourages and supports the maturing of new artists in the industry with solid, success-centered professional guidance.  If we don’t have an answer to an artists question, we will find it not dismiss their question.


Dreamscape will not confine an artist to a predetermined mold or classification.  Frankly, we ask the question:  What would have happened if the Beatles producer Sir George Martin would have limited the group to the standards used to create their early hits?  The answer the label believes is simple…. we would have missed out on their ever so popular, legendary music.


At Dreamscape, you too will find the encouragement and support in discovering who and what you were destined to be .  The label can no guarentee anyone stardom, only support and and the encouragement that will drive you to work hard to hopefully achieve your goals one step at a time.


Dreamscape considers artists in all categories including  Jazz, Rock, Folk, Classical, Male & Female Vocals, Christian,  Country, world and more.  Dreamscape, with 37 years behind us continues its commitment to diversity and is interested in broadening our scope of work.
Artistic Development
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Our Artists

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