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About The Photographer


In the mid to late sixties through the eighties, I had the pleasure of working as a professional photographer,

photographing and some times traveling with groups like the Who, The Kinks, Badfinger, Heart, Mott The Hoople, Queen, Dream Theater, George Harrison ( the Concert For Bangladesh and so many more.

I also had the opportunity to photo many celebrities  like Tony Orlando, Barbra Streisand, Leonard Nimoy and Richard Chamberlain ( Thorn Birds, Shogun, Dr Kildare ). Although it did not pay well, it was exciting time in the entertainment


I continued to do this until my vision failed me and I had to ware glasses which made it difficult to focus the camera

properly ( this was the day of 35 mm film cameras and nothing was automatic like today's cameras ). 

Fortunately due to modern medicine and after two operations my eye site was restored to 20/20 and I have started

taking photos again.  


Recently I was signed by an agent in New York City who will represent me as a photographer and has already arranged

for a number of  interviews including a series of interviews with Rock History on YouTube 

and an interview with Goldmine Magazine.

My photos have appeared in Hi-Teen Magazine, 16 Magazine, The Transoceanic  Trouser Press ( a magazine devoted to

British Rock and up and coming bands ), VH1, the BBC (used in two documentaries on the British rock group Badfinger ),

Time Magazine, the Biography "Without You"  the tragic story of Badfinger by Dan Matovina and a coffee table book on 

 the history of Mott The Hoople which was sold  at a series of reunion concerts in England  a  few years ago.

At the request of my agent I have sold my House in Oklahoma, and in the process of  buying a house, Condo or Townhouse

and moving to New York.  Unfortunately in March of this year I suffered a stroke and am paralyzed on my right hand side

and am currently receiving therapy at the Diamond Hill  Nursing facility in Troy, NY.  I am expected to make a full recovery

and be able to return to being a  photographer working for Associated Artists & Photographers.


                  Most of the photos on this website can be purchased and are available for purchase as a limited to edition print of 250. 

            All prints are individually printed and not mass produced and are available as a 16X20 inch print which is signed in the print by the

            photographer and come with a signed certificate of authenticity cost $49.95 plus if framed.  The prints are also available unsigned at a lower price.                    

The Kinks 
Capitol Theater Portchester, NY

George Harrison, Pete Ham

"Here Comes The Sun" Concert For Bangladesh"


Jimi Hendrix


The Who  Fillmore East in NYC


AreJay Hale    Halestorm

Mott The Hoople 

Island Records Sudio Photo shoot


Photos can be purchased unframed or framed and matted like above All photos are individually printed and signed and numbered by the photographer.  $49.95 or 79.98 framed.


Interviews about groups I have worked with or photographed.


2019 Interview with me in August issue of Goldmine  Magazine

click on logo bellow  to read the interview 

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